Community Packages

Explore the diverse community packages designed to enhance your Spiderswap experience. These packages offer various tools and extensions created by our vibrant community to streamline and extend the functionality of the Spiderswap API.

For standalone help tools and detailed guides on integrating the Spiderswap API, be sure to visit our comprehensive Recipes section. These resources provide practical examples and step-by-step instructions to help you get the most out of Spiderswap.

Visit our Recipes page for more information.

npm install @karrotcapital/spiderswap
import Spiderswap from '@karrotcapital/spiderswap';
// OR
const Spiderswap = require('@karrotcapital/spiderswap');

let spiderswap = new Spiderswap(ApiKey);

pip install karrotcapital.spiderswap
from karrotcapital.spiderswap import Spiderswap

spiderswap = new Spiderswap(ApiKey);